15-26-280 Warning signs and painting.
   All exposed piping containing liquefied fume hazard gas located within or outside of a building shall be painted in accordance with ANSI Standard A-13, "Scheme for Identification of Piping Systems", Class D. The liquid in such piping shall be designated by clear and legible lettering on the pipe, or, if the pipes are too small for legible lettering, by placards securely hung on the pipe. Labeling or placards shall be sufficiently frequent to make identification simple and easy, at all valves, and in each room within a building. Support columns for outdoor piping shall have ample identifying signs warning that piping carries a specific liquefied fume hazard gas and must not be bumped or damaged.
(Coun. J. 12-9-92, p. 25465; Amend Coun. J. 2-7-96, p. 15616)