15-26-220 Tank cars – Unloading procedures.
   Tank cars shall comply in all respects with United States Department of Transportation specifications. They shall be received and unloaded only on a private track of the consumer or on a leased track, protected as hereinafter provided.
   The unloading track and unloading area for a distance of 50 feet in all directions from tank cars shall be maintained free of all combustible rubbish and vegetation at all times.
   Portions of switch tracks on which such tank cars are placed for unloading shall be devoted solely to this purpose during the unloading period and, wherever possible, shall be a stub or dead-end track.
   No more than two tank cars shall be on any licensed premises at one time, namely: the car in use and a replacement for the car in use when it is emptied. The second car shall be subject to all requirements for the first car as herein defined.
   Immediately upon spotting a tank car on a siding for unloading, brakes shall be set and wheels shall be blocked to prevent any unauthorized movement thereof.
   Unloading connections shall be securely attached before discharge valves are opened and immediately disconnected when unloading is completed.
   If normal unloading operations are interrupted and it is necessary to discontinue unloading a tank car for any reason, all unloading connections shall be disconnected. All valves shall first be tightly closed, and the closures of all other openings securely applied.
   The unloading lines shall be completely emptied of liquid when unloading is discontinued.
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