14C-11-040 Roller coasters.
Every roller coaster shall be provided with a terminal brake; it shall also be provided with an emergency brake that will immediately stop the train and shall be placed in some level spot on the structure; or, if approved by the authority having jurisdiction, on one of the curves. The emergency brake shall be under the control of the brakemen or other attendant at the loading platform. Every car or train shall also be equipped with a safety device arranged to catch and hold the car or train should the chain break or any other accident occur to the machinery while a car or train is in transit.
Roller coasters having more than one train shall be provided with an automatic emergency system to prevent collisions. A stalled car or train shall stop all cars or trains behind it automatically. Anti-rollback devices shall be installed on all inclined tracks of roller coasters.
In a mechanical amusement riding device of the dip type, the up grade in each dip shall be so constructed that the cars will run up the structure at a speed such that the cars will run over the top of the next dip without having a tendency to throw the passengers out of the cars. The cars shall be of substantial construction; they shall be equipped with dogs to drop into a sprocket chain or other approved device to pull the bar or train to the starting point of its travel.