14C-10-011 Personnel hoists and employee elevators on construction sites – Additional requirements.
Personnel hoists and employee elevators installed on construction sites shall also comply with the following requirements:
(a)   Rated load capacities, recommended operating speeds, and special hazard warnings or instructions shall be conspicuously displayed in the hoist cage and on platforms;
(b)   The equipment shall not be used when the sustained wind speed exceeds 35 miles per hour at any height at which the equipment is installed;
(c)   Whenever the equipment has been exposed to a sustained wind speed exceeding 35 miles per hour it shall be inspected by a qualified person and put in operable condition before reuse; and
(d)   Before a permit is issued for temporary use of such equipment during construction, erection drawings prepared by a registered structural engineer shall be submitted to the authority having jurisdiction indicating that the equipment will be supported by an adequate foundation and that the equipment will be anchored to the building or other structure so as to provide lateral and torsional stability at vertical intervals not exceeding 30 feet.
For purposes of this section, "sustained wind speed" shall mean the wind speed determined by averaging observed values over a two-minute period.