14C-4-1.0 General.
The provisions of Part I of ASME A17.3 are adopted by reference with the following modification:
1.   Revise section 1.2 to read:
"There are specific requirements for existing installations in this chapter that differ from those found in Chapter 14C-3 or earlier requirements for the design and installation of conveyance devices in the City of Chicago. Existing installations, as a minimum, shall meet the requirements of this chapter, Chapter 14C-3, or Chapter 14C-5. If an existing installation does not meet the requirements of this chapter, it shall be upgraded. If an existing installation was required to meet more stringent requirements, it shall continue to meet those requirements.
Existing installations shall also meet the following requirements in Chapter 14C-3:
(a)   Section 14C-3-8.1, Security.
(b)   Section 14C-3-8.6, Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement.
(c)   Section 14C-3-8.7, Alterations. Alterations, if made, shall conform to the applicable requirements of this Section. The applicable requirements in Section 14C-3-8.7 could be more stringent than the requirements in this chapter. The more stringent of the two shall be adhered to.
(d)   Section 14C-3-8.9, Code Data Plate.
(e)   Section 14C-3-8.10, Acceptance Inspections and Tests. Altered equipment shall comply with the applicable inspection and test requirements of this Section.
(f)   Section 14C-3-8.11, Periodic Inspections and Tests."