14C-3-2.0 Electric elevators.
The provisions of Part 2 of ASME A17.1 are adopted by reference with the following modifications:
1.   Revise subsection, exception (a), by inserting the following language at the end of the exception:
"Where compensation means is not steel ropes, marking shall be provided which consist of alternating 50 mm (2 in.) diagonal red and white stripes on pit floor where a guard is not provided. In addition, sign(s) with the words "DANGER COUNTERWEIGHTS" shall be prominently posted on the wall and visible from the bottom of the pit ladder."
2.   Revise subsection to read:
"Hoistway access switches shall be provided at the lowest landing when a separate pit access door is not provided and at the top landing."
3.   Delete subsection
4.   Revise subsection to read:
"Additional hoistway access switches shall be permitted at other landings."
5.   Revise the first sentence of subsection to read:
"A pushbutton marked "ALARM" shall be provided in each car operating panel located at 900 mm (35 in.) above the floor."
6.   Revise subsection, item c to read:
"(c)   located at 6'-6" above the floor in the left door jamb of the elevator entrance. Where there is more than one elevator in a group of elevators, the leftmost elevator shall contain the switch."
7.   Revise subsection to read:
"Fire alarm initiating devices used to initiate Phase I Emergency Recall Operation shall be provided as follows:
(a)   A smoke detector in each elevator landing lobby, or water flow switches that are part of an approved fire sprinkler system
(b)   A smoke detector in each associated elevator machine room, control space or control room.
All smoke detectors shall be installed in conformance with the requirements of NFPA 72. New smoke detector systems shall be of the addressable type. Expansion of existing systems shall be permitted, and shall have zone- annunciated devices. A separate smoke detector system, dedicated solely to initiating Phase I Emergency Recall Operation, is not required to notify the Fire Department via the Central Monitoring Station or the City Tie Fire Alarm Box. Where required, smoke detector systems, in addition to initiating Phase I Emergency Recall Operation, shall notify the Fire Department via the Central Monitoring station or the City Tie Fire Alarm Box."
8.   Revise subsection to read:
"Fire alarm initiating devices shall be installed as provided in"
9.   Revise subsection 2.27.10 to read:
"2.27.10 Fire Command Center.
Where a fire command panel or fire command center is required by Section 13-76-030 or 14B-4-403, and a separate elevator control panel is provided, the location of the elevator control panel shall be approved by the Fire Department.
Each elevator or group of elevators covered by the elevator control panel shall have the following information, devices and controls provided:
(a)   device(s) indicating "Available for Fire Service" for each elevator
(b)   position indication for each elevator
(c)   car direction arrow for each elevator
(d)   standby power status indicators
(e)   standby power selection switch(es)
(f)   fire service status (Phase I status per group or elevator)
(g)   clear information, or a diagrammatic representation of the building, showing the location of each elevator
(h)   a two-position Phase I switch per
Video display monitors may not be used to meet these requirements."
10.   Insert a new subsection 2.29.3 to read:
"2.29.3. Identification in high rise buildings.
In high rise buildings, additional identification markings shall be provided in accordance with 14C-4-2.9."
(Amend Coun. J. 4-10-19, p. 100029, Art. V, § 5)