14B-31-3102  Membrane structures.
The provisions of Section 3102 of IBC are adopted by reference with the following modifications:
1.   Revise Section 3102.1 by replacing “the International Fire Code” with “Section 3103.”
2.   Revise Section 3102.3, excluding its exception, to read:
3102.3 Type of construction.
Noncombustible membrane structures shall be classified as Type IIB construction. Noncombustible frame or cable-supported structures covered by a membrane in accordance with Section 3102.3.1 shall be classified as Type IIB construction. Other membrane structures shall be classified as Type VB construction.”
3.   Revise Section 3102.8.1.1 to read:
3102.8.1.1 Auxiliary inflation system.
In addition to the primary inflation system an auxiliary inflation system shall be provided with sufficient capacity to maintain the inflation of the structure in case of primary system failure. The auxiliary inflation system shall operate automatically when there is a loss of internal pressure and when the primary blower system becomes inoperative.”
4.   Revise item 5 of Section 3102.8.1.2 to read:
“5.   Blower inlets shall be located to provide protection from air contamination. The location of inlets shall be shown on the construction documents.”