14B-27-2702  Emergency and standby power systems.
The provisions of Section 2702 of IBC are adopted by reference with the following modifications:
1.   In provisions adopted by reference, reset the following terms in italic type: “ambulatory care facility”; “emergency power system”; “high-rise building” and “standby power system.”
2.   Revise Section 2702.1.2 to read:
2702.1.3 Installation.
Emergency power systems and standby power systems required by this code, the Chicago Electrical Code or the Chicago Fire Prevention Code shall be installed in accordance with the Chicago Electrical Code.”
3.   Revise Sections 2702.1.4 and 2702.1.5 by replacing “in this code” with “in this code or the Chicago Electrical Code.”
4.   Delete Section 2702.1.8.
5.   Revise Section 2702.2 to read:
2702.2 Where required.
Emergency power systems and standby power systems shall be provided where required by Sections 2702.2.1 through 2702.2.18 or Article 700 of the Chicago Electrical Code.”
6.   Revise Section 2702.2.2 to read:
2702.2.2 Elevators and platform lifts.
Standby power shall be provided for elevators and platform lifts as required in Sections 1009.4.1, 1009.5, 3003.1 and 3007.8.”
7.   Delete Section 2702.2.3.
8.   Revise Section 2702.2.4 to read:
2702.2.4 Voice communication systems.
Emergency power shall be provided for voice communication systems as required in Section 907.2.12.2. The system shall be capable of powering the required load for a duration of not less than 24 hours, as required in NFPA 72.”
9.   Delete Section 2702.2.5.
10.   Delete Section 2702.2.12.
11.   Revise Section 2702.2.13 by replacing “90 minutes” with “required by the Chicago Electrical Code.”
12.   Revise Section 2702.2.14 by deleting the last sentence.
12.1.   Revise Section 2702.15 by deleting "as required in Section 415.11.10."
13.   Delete Section 2702.2.17.
14.   Delete Section 2702.3.
15.   Delete Section 2702.4.
(Amend Coun. J. 2-19-20, p. 14473, Art. II, § 91; Amend Coun. J. 10-7-20, p. 21791, Art. II, § 32)