14B-26-2607  Light-transmitting plastic wall panels.
The provisions of Section 2607 of IBC are adopted by reference with the following modifications:
1.   In provisions adopted by reference, reset the following terms in italic type: “greenhouse” and “light-transmitting plastic wall panels.”
2.   Revise Section 2607.1 to read:
2607.1 General.
Light-transmitting plastics shall not be used as wall panels in exterior walls in occupancies in Groups A-1, A-2, A-3, A-4, E, H, I-2 and I-3. In other groups, light-transmitting plastics shall be permitted to be used as wall panels in exterior walls, provided that the walls are not required to have a fire-resistance rating and the installation conforms to the requirements of this section. Such panels shall be erected and anchored on a foundation, waterproofed or otherwise protected from moisture absorption and sealed with a coat of mastic or other approved waterproof coating. Light-transmitting plastic wall panels shall comply with Section 2606.”
3.   Revise Section 2607.3 to read:
2607.3 Height limitation.
Light-transmitting plastics shall not be installed more than 40 feet (12 190 mm) above grade plane.”
4.   Revise the exceptions to Section 2607.4 by deleting “approved.”
5.   Revise Section 2607.5 to read:
2607.5 Automatic sprinkler system.
Where the building is equipped throughout with an automatic sprinkler system in accordance with Section 903.3.1.1, the maximum percentage area of exterior wall in any story in light-transmitting plastic wall panels and the maximum square footage of a single area given in Table 2607.4 shall be increased 100 percent, but the area of light-transmitting plastic wall panels shall not exceed 50 percent of the exterior wall area in any story, or the area permitted by Section 705.8 for unprotected openings, whichever is smaller.”