14B-23-2308  Conventional light-frame construction.
The provisions of Section 2308 of IBC are adopted by reference with the following modifications:
1.   Delete the last sentence of Section 2308.1.
2.   Revise Table 2308.2.1 to read:
TABLE 2308.2.1
A or B
Three stories
One story
a.   Where cripple walls exceed 14 inches (356 mm) in height, the allowable number of stories above grade plane shall be reduced by one.
2.1.   Revise Section 2308.2.3 by deleting item 3.
3.   Delete Section 2308.2.4.
4.   Revise Section 2308.2.6 by deleting "assigned to Seismic Design Category B, C, D or F."
5.   Revise Section 2308.3.1 by replacing "approved anchors" with "other anchors."
6.   Delete Section 2308.3.1.1.
7.   Delete Section 2308.3.1.2.
8.   Revise Table 2308.4.1.1(1) by deleting the columns for snow loads of 50 psf and 70 psf and the heading rows "GROUND SNOW LOAD (psf)" and "30".
8.1.   Revise note d to Table 2308.4.1.1(1) by replacing "an approved framing anchor" with "a framing anchor."
8.2.   Delete note e to Table 2308.4.1.1(1).
9.   Revise note d to Table 2308.4.1.1(2) by replacing "an approved framing anchor" with "a framing anchor."
9.1.   Delete Table 2308.4.2.1(1).
10.   Revise Section 2308.4.2.3 by deleting “in an approved manner.”
11.   Revise Section 2308.4.4.1 to read:
"2308.4.4.1 Openings in floor diaphragms in Seismic Design Category B or C.
Openings in horizontal diaphragms in Seismic Design Category B or C with a dimension that is greater than 4 feet (1219 mm) shall be constructed with metal ties and blocking in accordance with this section and Figure 2308.4.4.1(1). Metal ties shall be not less than 0.058 inch [1.47 mm (16 galvanized gage)] in thickness by 1 1/2 inches (38 mm) in width and shall have a yield stress not less than 33,000 psi (227 Mpa). Blocking shall extend not less than the dimension of the opening in the direction of the tie and blocking. Ties shall be attached to blocking in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions but with not less than eight 16d common nails on each side of the header-joist intersection."
12.   Delete Section 2308.4.4.2 and its exception.
13.   Delete Section 2308.4.10.
14.   Revise the first two sentences of Section 2308.5.5.1 to read:
“Headers shall be provided over each opening in exterior bearing walls. The size and spans in Table 2308.4.1.1(1) are permitted to be used for Group R-5 occupancies.”
15.   Revise Table 2308.5.11 by deleting the row for “Hardboard panel siding” and adding a row to read:
“Cement board sheathing   |   1/2 inch   |   16 inches on center”
15.1.   Revise Section 2308.6.1 by deleting the last sentence.
15.2.   Revise Table 2308.6.1 by deleting the row for a two-story building in Seismic Design Category C and all rows for Seismic Design Categories D and E.
16.   Revise Table 2308.6.3(5) by deleting all rows for “direct to studs” siding.
17.   Revise Section 2308.6.5.1 by deleting “approved.”
18.   Revise Section 2308.6.6.1 to read:
2308.6.6.1 Cripple wall bracing in Seismic Design Categories A, B and C.
For the purposes of this section, cripple walls in Seismic Design Categories A, B and C having a stud height exceeding 14 inches (356 mm) shall be considered to be a story and shall be braced in accordance with Table 2308.6.1. Spacing of edge nailing for required cripple wall bracing shall not exceed 6 inches (152 mm) on center along the foundation plate and the top plate of the cripple wall. Nail size, nail spacing for field nailing and more restrictive boundary nailing requirements shall be as required elsewhere in the code for the specific bracing material used.”
19.   Delete Section 2308.6.6.2.
20.   Revise Section 2308.6.7.2 by deleting “approved.”
21.   Revise Section 2308.6.8.1 by deleting all text after the first exception, including the subsequent exceptions.
22.   Delete Section 2308.6.8.2.
23.   Revise Section 2308.6.8.3 by replacing "Seismic Design Categories B, C, D and E" with "Seismic Design Categories B and C."
24.   Delete Section 2308.6.10.2.
24.1.   Revise the subtitle of Table 2308.7.1 (2) by deleting "limited."
24.2.   Revise the subtitle of Table 2308.7.2(3) by deleting "Ground snow load = 30 psf,".
24.3.   Delete Table 2308.7.2(4).
24.4.   Revise the subtitle of Table 2308.7.2(5) by deleting "Ground snow load = 30 psf,".
24.5.   Delete Table 2308.7.2(6).
24.6.   Revise Table 2308.7.3.1 by deleting the columns for no snow load, deleting the columns for ground snow load = 50 psf, deleting the heading rows for "GROUND SNOW LOAD (pounds per square foot)" and "30 pounds per square foot," and deleting note g.
25.   Revise the title of Table 2308.7.5 by deleting "approved."
26.   Revise Table 2308.7.5 by:
a.   Revising the first column in the upper portion of the table to read:
I or II
b.   Deleting the rows for V asd = 100 and 110.
c.   Revising note h by deleting "approved."
d.   Deleting note g.
27.   Revise Section 2308.7.6.1 by replacing "Seismic Design Categories B, C, D and E" with "Seismic Design Categories B or C."
28.   Revise Section 2308.7.11 by deleting “approved.”
(Amend Coun. J. 2-19-20, p. 14473, Art. II, § 84)