14B-16-1603  Construction documents.
The provisions of Section 1603 of IBC are adopted by reference with the following modifications:
1.   Revise the exception to Section 1603.1 by deleting item 5.
2.   Revise the first two sentences of Section 1603.1.3 to read:
“The ground snow load, Pg, shall be indicated. The following additional information shall also be provided, regardless of whether snow loads govern the design of the roof:”
3.   Revise item 6 in Section 1603.1.3 to read:
“6.   Drift surcharge load(s), Pd.”
4.   Revise item 1 in Section 1603.1.4 to read:
“1.   Basic design wind speed, V, miles per hour or allowable stress design wind speed, Vasd, as determined in accordance with Section 1609.3.1.”
5.   Add a new item 6 to Section 1603.1.4 to read:
“6.   Design base shear(s).”
6.   Revise Section 1603.1.5 by inserting the following between items 6 and 7:
“The following information shall be shown for structures assigned to seismic design category B, C or D:”
7.   Delete Section 1603.1.7.
8.   Delete Section 1603.1.9.