14B-14-1406  Metal composite materials (MCM).
The provisions of Section 1406 of IBC are adopted by reference with the following modifications:
1.   In provisions adopted by reference, reset the following term in italic type: “MCM system.”
2.   Revise Section 1406.5 to read:
1406.5 Approval.
Results of tests or an engineering analysis shall be submitted to the building official as part of the construction documents to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of Chapter 16 for wind loads.”
3.   Revise Section 1406.7 by deleting “approved.”
4.   Revise Section 1406.10.2 by replacing “an approved” with “a.”
5.   Revise item 1 in Section 1406.10.3 to read:
“1.   The MCM system has passed tests conducted in accordance with NFPA 286 and the acceptance criteria of Section 803.1.1.1, UL 1040 or UL 1715. Such testing shall be performed with the MCM in the maximum thickness intended for use. The MCM system shall include seams, joints and other typical details used in the installation and shall be tested in the manner intended for use.”
6.   Revise Section 1406.11 and its subsections to read:
1406.11 Alternate conditions.
Where approved by the building official, MCM and MCM systems shall not be required to comply with Sections 1406.10.1 through 1406.10.4 provided that such systems comply with Section 1406.11.1.
1406.11.1 Installations up to 40 feet in height.
MCM shall not be installed more than 40 feet (12 190 mm) in height above grade plane where installed in accordance with Sections 1406.11.1.1 and 1406.11.1.2.
1406.11.1.1 Fire separation distance of 15 feet or less.
Where the fire separation distance is 15 feet ( 4572 mm) or less, the area of MCM shall not exceed 10 percent of the exterior wall surface.
1406.11.1.2 Fire separation distance greater than 15 feet.
Where the fire separation distance is greater than 15 feet ( 4572 mm), the area of exterior wall surface coverage using MCM shall not be limited.”
7.   Delete Section 1406.11.2 and its subsections.
8.   Delete Section 1406.11.3 and its subsections.
9.   Delete Table 1406.11.3.4.
10.   Delete Section 1406.11.4 and its subsections.