14B-14-1403  Materials.
The provisions of Section 1403 of IBC are adopted by reference with the following modifications:
1.   Delete Section 1403.2.
2.   Add a new Section 1403.3.3 to read:
1403.3.3 Wood shingles and shakes.
Wood shingles and shakes shall comply with Section 1507.8.5.”
3.   Revise Section 1403.4 by replacing “steel framing” with “metal framing.”
4.   Delete Section 1403.5.3.
5.   Add a new Section 1403.5.4 to read:
1403.5.4 Other metals.
Other metals, used as siding, shall conform to the applicable standard listed in Table 1507.4.3(1).”
6.   Revise Section 1403.8 by deleting “approved.”
7.   Revise Section 1403.9 by replacing “approved quality control agency” with “approved agency.
8.   Revise Section 1403.10 by replacing “approved quality control agency” with “approved agency.
9.   Delete Section 1403.12 and its subsections.