9-88-020  Traffic violation notices.
   (a)   Traffic violation notice forms for notifying violators to appear and answer to charges of violating traffic laws and ordinances in the Circuit Court of Cook County and the corresponding complaint forms therefor, in serially numbered sets consisting of three copies of the notices and one copy of the corresponding complaint shall be provided in books and in the form prescribed and approved jointly by the corporation counsel and the superintendent of police. The superintendent of police shall be responsible for the issuance of such books, shall maintain a record of every such book and each set of notices and complaint therein issued to the individual members of the police department, shall require and retain a receipt for every book so issued, and shall require the return to him of a copy of every traffic violation notice issued by a member of the police department and of all copies of every traffic violation notice and the corresponding complaint which have been spoiled or upon which any entry has been made and not issued to an alleged violator.
   (b)   Every police officer or traffic control aide, upon issuing a traffic violation notice to an alleged violator of any provision of the motor vehicle laws of the state or of any traffic ordinance of this city shall deposit the corresponding traffic violation complaint of the notice with his immediate superior officer who shall cause the complaint to be filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County.
(Added Coun. J. 7-12-90, p. 18634)