9-76-145  Broadcast or recorded sound restrictions.
   (a)   No person shall play, use, operate, or permit to be played, used or operated, a device for receiving broadcast sound or reproducing recorded sound in any motor vehicle on the public way in a manner or at a volume such that the sound generated by the device is clearly audible to a person with normal hearing at a distance greater than 75 feet. This section shall not apply between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 10:00 P.M. to a person participating in: (1) a public assembly, as that term is defined in Section 10-8-334; or (2) a parade, athletic event or outdoor special event, as defined in Sections 10-8-330, 10-8-332 or 10-8-335 of this Code, for which a permit has been issued, if required, and the person is in compliance with the permit.
   (b)   Any person who violates this section shall be subject to a fine of $50.00 for a first offense, $100.00 for a second offense committed within a one-year period, and $500.00 for a third or subsequent offense committed within a one-year period.
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