7-58-020  Submittal of emergency energy plan.
   (a)   Every electric utility company must adopt and maintain an emergency energy plan. Every new electric utility company shall adopt its plan within 30 days after becoming an electric utility company. Every such company shall submit to the Executive Director of Emergency Management and Communications, Superintendent of Police, Fire Commissioner, and Commissioner of Assets, Information, and Services any emergency energy plan adopted by the company within 24 hours of the time the plan is adopted. The company shall notify those officials within 24 hours of any significant revisions to a plan and the rationale for the revisions. Such revisions shall be submitted by the company as soon as practicable and shall be reviewed and approved by the Executive Director in accordance with Section 7-58-030.
   (b)   The plan shall include, at a minimum, information detailing: (1) the circumstances that would require the implementation of the plan; (2) the levels or stages of the emergency plan; (3) the potential impact of the plan on public health and safety and on the duties of the City’s public health and safety agencies; (4) what steps the company has taken to mitigate those potential health or safety problems; (5) the geographic limits of each outage area; (6) the number of customers within each outage area; (7) identification of customers and facilities within each outage area for which a service interruption would pose increased risk to public health and safety, including but not limited to, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, buildings in excess of 80 feet in height, day-care centers, persons on life-support systems and water pumping stations; and (8) the anticipated sequence and duration of service interruptions.
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