7-42-015  Low-risk food establishments self-certification.
   (a)   As a programmatic alternative to conducting its own inspections as provided in Section 7-42-010 of this code, the commissioner of health is authorized to require licensed low-risk food establishments to self- certify compliance with this code and the rules and regulations of the department of health.
   (b)   If the commissioner implements a self-certification program, all low-risk food establishments shall submit one self-inspection report every two years to the department of health to demonstrate compliance. An establishment's failure to submit a complete and accurate report required by this section within the timeframes established by the commissioner shall subject the establishment's license to immediate suspension as provided in Section 7-42-035.
   (c)   The department of health is authorized: (i) to develop forms and protocols to administer this section, (ii) to define, consistent with 77 Illinois Administrative Code Part 615, what constitutes a “low-risk food establishment”, and (iii) to adopt other rules and regulations as may be necessary or useful for the proper administration and enforcement of this section.
(Added Coun. J. 5-18-16, p. 24251, § 1)