7-38-555  Sleeping on premises prohibited.
   No person shall use for the housing, sheltering and harboring of its employees or other persons any packing or slaughterhouse or any place which is occupied for the purpose of slaughtering or rendering cattle, sheep or hogs, or of dressing, cleaning, treating or preparing for shipment or canning meats and other foodstuffs by hand or machinery, or cause or permit same to be used as sleeping quarters or living apartments by such employees or other persons. Any such house or place so used or occupied for sleeping or living purposes is hereby declared to be a nuisance.
   Whenever any such nuisance shall be found upon any premises within the City, the Department of Buildings is hereby authorized and directed to cause the same to be summarily abated in such a manner as it may direct.
   For the purpose of carrying the foregoing provisions into effect, it shall be the duty of the Department of Buildings to cause to be detailed a sufficient number of police immediately upon complaint of any individual. These police shall make a thorough and systematic examination of any such plant or plants and building or buildings and ascertain and report any such violations of this section, and for this purpose investigators shall be permitted at all times to visit or enter upon any building, lot or ground within the City limits and make examination thereof.
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