7-38-535  Offensive gases and odors prohibited.
   No person shall boil any offal, swill or bones, nor any fat, tallow or lard, except while the same is fresh and otherwise inoffensive, nor shall the business of bone crushing, bone boiling, bone grinding, bone burning, shell burning or gut cleaning, nor the skinning of or making of glue from any dead animal or part thereof, nor the storage or keeping of scrap, fat or greases or offensive animal matter be permitted or conducted at any place within the limits of the city, or within one mile thereof, in such a manner as to generated any offensive or deleterious gas, vapor, deposit or exhalation that is dangerous or detrimental to life or health.
   It shall constitute, and it is hereby declared, a nuisance for any person so to steam or boil or in any way render any offal or tainted or damaged lard or tallow, or so to steam or render any animal substances, as to occasion any offensive smell, or to steam or boil or render any substance which by undergoing such process so taints the air as to render it unwholesome or offensive to the smell or detrimental to health, within the limits of the city, or within a distance of one mile therefrom.
   Every person engaged in the business of boiling or rendering of fat, lard or animal matter shall cause the scrap or residuum to be so dried or otherwise prepared as effectually to deprive such material of all offensive odors, and to preserve the same entirely inoffensive immediately after the removal from the receptacles in which the rendering process may be conducted.
(Added Coun. J. 6-10-96, p. 23652)