7-38-525  Method of slaughtering.
   The keeping and slaughtering of livestock, the preparation and keeping of all meat, birds and fowls, the rendering of all animal matter, and the manufacture of glue and all byproducts from animal matter, shall be conducted in the manner which is, or is generally reputed or known to be, the best adapted to secure and continue their safety and wholesomeness as food, and to avoid all offensiveness of such keeping, slaughtering, rendering and manufacturing. Blood from slaughtered animals shall not be allowed to flow into any sewer or into the Chicago River or any of its branches, but while still fresh shall be treated so as not to become offensive.
   All offensive odors arising from the handling of meat or other animal matter, melting or rendering, and the treating of and caring for offal, blood or any other material stored or manufactured, shall be destroyed by combustion, condensation or other means equally effective, and according to the best and most approved means and processes, and shall not be allowed to escape into the outside air.
(Added Coun. J. 6-10-96, p. 23652)