7-38-138  Servicing a mobile food truck.
   (a)   The commissary linked to a mobile food preparer must have a servicing area approved by the Department of Health. The servicing area shall comply with the following requirements:
      (1)   the servicing area shall include at least an overhead protection for any supplying, cleaning, or servicing operation. The servicing area must have a location for the flushing and drainage of liquid waste in accordance with the rules of the Department of Health;
      (2)   the surface of the servicing area shall be a smooth non-absorbent material, such as concrete or machine-lad asphalt and shall be maintained in good repair, kept clean, and graded to drain.
   (b)   The mobile food truck’s liquid waste retention tank must be thoroughly flushed and drained during the servicing operation. All liquid waste shall be discharged to a sanitary sewage disposal.
   (c)   The mobile food truck’s grease, where used, shall be drained into a storage bin approved by the Department of Health. No grease shall be discharged to the sanitary sewage disposal.
   (d)   Garbage disposals shall be installed in compliance with the plumbing sections of this Code.
   (e)   A commissary must keep a log of all mobile food trucks serviced by the commissary as well as the date and time the trucks were serviced.
   (f)   Mobile food trucks must report to a commissary at least once per day for servicing.
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