7-38-132  Sinks, water storage tanks and other plumbing requirements.
   All mobile food dispenser vehicles that engage in a final preparation step as defined in the rules of the Department of Health shall be equipped with a handwashing sink and an adequate supply of running hot and cold water. The water storage tank shall be self-draining and cleaned and flushed not less than twice in each six-month period. Liquid waste from the handwashing sink shall be piped in fixed piping to a liquid waste retention tank 50 percent larger than the water storage tank. The liquid waste retention tank shall be located in a separate area from food storage or food-contact surfaces. The connection between the piping from the sink and the liquid waste retention container shall be tight-fitting and comply with the plumbing sections of this Code and the rules of the Department of Health. The liquid waste retention tank shall be emptied daily or more often if necessary, and only into a sanitary drainage facility in a manner and place approved by the Department of Health.
   Liquid waste shall not be discharged from the retention tank when the mobile food vehicle is in motion.
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