7-38-075  Mobile food vendor vehicles.
   (a)   Every vehicle used by a mobile food vendor in the conduct of such business shall comply with the rules of the Department of Health and the following requirements:
      (1)   the interior floor, walls and ceiling of each vehicle shall be of smooth, not readily corrodible, impervious material capable of withstanding repeated washing and scrubbing and shall be finished in a light color;
      (2)   the vehicle shall not be used for any purpose other than a mobile food vendor business; and
      (3)   all food service equipment utilized by the mobile food vendor shall be of easily cleanable construction and shall be maintained in good repair and a clean condition.
   (b)   Each mobile food vehicle shall be enclosed with top and sides.
   (c)   Each mobile food vehicle shall be registered as a commercial vehicle and any person who operates such vehicle must have a valid driver’s license issued by the state of Illinois or another state, district or territory of the United States.
   (d)   Each mobile food vehicle shall be inspected and maintained by a licensed professional, including mechanics and, if applicable, by professionals who install and maintain fire prevention equipment, and propane tanks on mobile food vehicles, as often as necessary but not less than every ninety (90) calendar days, and copies of the last four maintenance reports must be kept in the vehicle at all times while the vehicle is in use.
   (e)   There shall be no more than 40 pounds of propane in a mobile food vehicle.
   (f)   Prior to the construction, remodeling, purchase or use of any mobile food truck or the addition of any new equipment for the storage or preparation of food in a mobile food vehicle, plans for such vehicle must be submitted to the Department of Health, and, if the mobile food vehicle uses propane, natural gas, or has a fire suppression hood, the Fire Department for approval.
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