7-4-140  Emergency measures.
   When the commissioner finds that because of a violation of this chapter, an emergency condition exists requiring immediate action to protect the health of any person, or when the commissioner makes any determination under Section 7-4-100(b), the commissioner may issue an emergency order reciting the existence of the emergency condition and requiring that necessary actions be taken to meet the emergency. An emergency order shall be effective immediately, and any person to whom an emergency order is directed shall comply therewith within the period of time specified in the order. Any such person shall receive a reasonably prompt notice of their right to a prompt hearing conducted by an administrative law officer of the buildings hearings division of the department of administrative hearings, pursuant to the procedures established for such hearings. Pending the hearing, the commissioner may take whatever steps are necessary to execute the emergency order when necessary to protect the health of any person.
   The entire cost of abatement and relocation actions taken or caused to be taken by the City of Chicago pursuant to this section shall be recoverable from each of the persons responsible for correcting the violations or giving rise to the emergency conditions by bringing an action in a court of competent jurisdiction or at the department of administrative hearings pursuant to Chapter 1-20 of this Municipal Code or other applicable law.
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