7-4-105  Owner's obligation to post notice.
   The owner of a dwelling, residential building, child care facility, or school who has received a notice of a lead hazard pursuant to Section 7-4-100(a) shall post notices in common areas of the building specifying the identified lead hazards. The posted notices, drafted by the department and sent to the property owner with the notification, shall indicate the following:
      (1)   that unit(s) in or areas of the building have been found to have lead hazards;
      (2)   that other units or areas of the building may have lead hazards;
      (3)   that the department recommends that children 6 years of age or younger receive a blood lead screening; and
      (4)   where to seek further information and request an inspection of additional units in the building from the department.
   Once the owner has abated the hazards to the satisfaction of the department and received a Notice of Compliance from the department, the owner may remove the notices posted pursuant to this section.
(Added Coun. J. 12-13-06, p. 94902, § 1)