7-4-010  Definitions.
   (1)   “Child care facility” means any structure used by a child care provider, school or other facility frequented by children.
   (2)   “Children” means natural persons six years of age and younger.
   (3)   “Commercial establishment” means any place that provides a business service or involves the selling, leasing or renting of merchandise to the general public or the manufacture or distribution of merchandise to others who sell to the general public.
   (4)   “Commissioner” means the commissioner of public health or his designee.
   (5)   “Department” means the department of public health.
   (6)   “Dwelling” means any building which is wholly or partly used or intended to be used for living or sleeping by human occupants.
   (7)   “Exposed surface” means any interior or exterior surface of a child care facility, school, dwelling or residential building.
   (8)   “Lead-bearing substance” means any of the following if they contain an amount equal to or greater than the amount of lead by weight that the commissioner determines by regulation may pose a significant health hazard to humans:
      (a)   soil;
      (b)   dust on any permanent or nonpermanent surface of the dwelling, residential building, child care facility or school;
      (c)   items, substances and surfaces that are edible or chewable by or accessible to children, including toys, furniture or decorative objects;
      (d)   food or other ingestible substances or items; and
      (e)   paint or other surface coating material.
   The regulations promulgated by the commissioner under this subparagraph (8) shall be based upon lead levels established, utilized, recommended or offered as guidance by an agency of the federal government or by a state government.
   (9)   “Lead hazard” means a lead-bearing substance that poses a significant health hazard to humans.
   (10)   “Lead poisoning” means the condition of having blood lead levels in excess of those considered safe under applicable regulations promulgated by the commissioner.
   (11)   “Owner” means any person, who alone, jointly or severally with others:
      (a)   Has legal title to or a beneficial interest in a land trust or other entity having legal title to a child care facility, school, commercial establishment, dwelling or residential building with or without accompanying actual possession of the child care facility, school, commercial establishment, dwelling or residential building, and includes any agent of the owner, or as executor, administrator, trustee or guardian of the estate of the owner;
      (b)   Has charge, care or control of or responsibility for a child care facility, school, commercial establishment, dwelling or residential building; or
      (c)   Has an interest as a purchaser under a real estate installment contract in a child care facility, commercial establishment, dwelling or residential building.
   (12)   “Person” means “person” as defined in Section 1-4-090 of the Municipal Code.
   (13)   “Residential building” means any room, group of rooms, or other interior areas of a structure designed or used for human habitation; common areas accessible by inhabitants; and the surrounding property or structures.
(Added Coun. J. 11-5-93, p. 40561; Amend Coun. J. 12-13-06, p. 94902, § 1)