4-298-145  Building permit privileges – Suspension.
   (a)   Failure on the part of a registered elevator mechanic contractor to correct any defect, error, or deficiency in any work installed under the authority of a permit issued to the registered elevator mechanic contractor by the Department of Buildings within 10 calendar days after written notification thereof by the Commissioner of Buildings or within such further reasonable time, as may, upon request, be prescribed, the Commissioner of Buildings shall, without further notice, stop the issuance of permits to such registered elevator mechanic contractor until such corrections have been made, inspected and approved.
   (b)   The Commissioner of Buildings is hereby empowered to suspend the permit privileges of any registered elevator mechanic contractor who shall fail to pay any just indebtedness for inspection fees for work on elevators or related devices, until such registered elevator mechanic contractor shall discharge and pay to the city all just indebtedness then due and owing from such contractor.
   (c)   The Commissioner of Buildings may suspend the ability of any person licensed, registered or certified or required to be licensed, registered or certified under this chapter to submit new applications or complete pending applications for a building permit or other permit issued by the Department of Buildings for cause as set forth in Section 14A-3-304 of this Code.
(Added Coun. J. 2-22-17, p. 43876, § 13; Amend Coun. J. 4-10-19, p. 100029, Art. II, § 60)