3-55-030 Fee on new tires imposed.
   (a)   Any person selling new tires at retail or offering new tires for retail sale in the city shall collect from retail customers a fee of $1.00 per new tire sold at retail and delivered in the city to be paid to the department, less a collection allowance of four cents per tire to be retained by the retail seller.
   The requirements of this subsection shall apply exclusively to the sale of tires to be used for vehicles defined in Section 1-217 of the Illinois Vehicle Code, aircraft tires, special mobile equipment, and implements of husbandry.
   (b)   The requirements of subsection (b) shall not apply to:
      (1)   mail order sales;
      (2)   tires sold as a part of the retail sale of a motor vehicle; or
      (3)   the sale of used or reprocessed tires.
   (d)   The proceeds of the fee imposed by this chapter shall be paid into the treasury of the city, and shall be credited to and deposited in an account to be kept in the corporate fund of the city, for the exclusive purpose of paying costs incurred in connection with the city's regulation of used tires and their effects.
(Added Coun. J. 10-7-09, p. 73413, § 1; Amend Coun. J. 6-5-13, p. 54694, § 1)