3-54-040  Collection of additional charge by electricity deliverers.
   A.   (1)   Any electricity deliverer making or effectuating a delivery of electricity shall pay the infrastructure maintenance fee to the department as provided by Section 3-54-050. The fee shall constitute a debt owed by the electricity deliverer to the city.
      (2)   Any electricity deliverer may collect an amount equal to the fee imposed under this section from the purchaser using or consuming the electricity with respect to which the fee was imposed. The fee may be collected by the electricity deliverer from the purchaser as a separately stated charge on the purchaser's bills or in any other manner permitted from time to time by law or by the electricity deliverer's tariffs.
      (3)   The electricity deliverer shall be allowed credit for any portion of the fee related to deliveries of electricity the charges for which are written off as uncollectible; provided, that if such charges are thereafter collected, the electricity deliverer shall be obligated to pay such fee. For purposes of this section, any partial payment of a billed amount not specifically identified by the purchaser shall be deemed to be for the delivery of electricity.
(Added Coun. J. 6-10-98, p. 71741; Amend Coun. J. 11-8-12, p. 38872, § 41)