3-44-020  Definitions.
   Whenever any of the following words, terms or phrases are used in this chapter, they shall have the following meanings:
   (a)   “City” means the City of Chicago, Illinois.
   (b)   “Department” means the department of finance of the city.
   (c)   [Reserved]
   (d)   “Alcohol” means the product of distillation of any fermented liquid, whether rectified or diluted, whatever may be the origin thereof, and includes synthetic ethyl alcohol. It does not include denatured alcohol or wood alcohol.
   (e)   “Alcoholic beverage” includes alcoholic spirits, wine, beer and any liquid or solid, patented or not, containing alcohol, spirits, wine or beer, and capable of being consumed as a beverage by a human being. The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to alcohol used in the manufacture of denatured alcohol produced in accordance with Acts of the United States Congress and regulations promulgated thereunder, nor to any liquid or solid containing one-half of one percent or less of alcohol by volume.
   (f)   "Retail alcoholic beverage dealer" or "retailer" means any person who engages in the business of retail sale of alcoholic beverages in the City or to purchasers in the City.
   (g)   “Spirits” means any beverage which contains alcohol obtained by distillation, mixed with water or other substances in solution, and includes brandy, rum, whiskey, gin or other spirituous liquors, and such liquors when rectified, blended or otherwise mixed with alcohol or other substances.
   (h)   “Wine” means any alcoholic beverage obtained by the fermentation of fruits, or vegetables, containing sugar, including such beverages when fortified by the addition of alcohol or spirits.
   (i)   “Beer” means a beverage obtained by the alcoholic fermentation of an infusion or concentration of barley or other grain, malt and hops in water, and includes, among other things, beer, ale, stout, lager beer, porter and the like.
   (j)   “Original package” means any bottle, flask, jug, can, cask, barrel, keg, hogshead or other receptacle or container whatsoever, used, corked or capped, sealed and labeled by a manufacturer of alcoholic beverage, to contain or convey any alcoholic beverage.
   (k)   “Manufacturer” means any brewer, fermenter, distiller, rectifier, blender, processor, bottler or person who fills or refills an original package, whether for himself or for another, and others engaged in brewing, fermenting, distilling, rectifying or bottling alcoholic beverages.
   (l)   “Sale” or “purchase” means any transfer of ownership or title or both, any exchange or barter, in any manner or by any means whatsoever for a valuable consideration.
   (m)   “Retail sale” means any sale to a person for use or consumption, and not for resale.
   (n)   “Wholesale alcoholic beverage dealer” or “wholesaler” means any person who engages in the business of selling or supplying alcoholic beverages to any person for resale in the City of Chicago.
   (o)   "Purchaser" means any person who purchases in a retail sale.
   In this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires, words in the singular number include the plural, and words in the plural include the singular; words in the masculine gender include the feminine and the neuter; and when the sense so indicates, words of the neuter gender may refer to any gender.
(Prior code § 200.11-2; Added Coun. J. 5-14-86, p. 30004; Amend Coun. J. 11-16-11, p. 13798, Art. I, § 3; Amend Coun. J. 4-24-20, p. 15051, § 4)