3-42-040  Tax stamps.
   (a)   The comptroller shall contract for and furnish tax stamps of such denominations and quantities as may be necessary for the payment of the tax imposed by this chapter, and may, from time to time, provide for the issuance and exclusive use of stamps of a new design and forbid the use of stamps of any other design. The comptroller may make arrangements for the method of acquiring and paying for such tax stamps.
   (b)   The comptroller may appoint wholesale tobacco dealers of cigarettes and any other person within or without the city as agents to affix stamps to be used in paying the tax hereby imposed and said agent is hereby authorized to appoint other persons in his employ who are to affix said stamps to any cigarettes under his control in the manner prescribed by the rules and regulations promulgated by the comptroller. The comptroller may, in his discretion, permit an agent to pay for such stamps within 30 days after the date of sale, consignment or delivery of such stamps to such agent, provided a bond satisfactory to the comptroller and approved as to form and legality by the corporation counsel shall be submitted by said agent to the comptroller in an amount not less than the par value of such stamps.
   (c)   The comptroller may redeem unused tax stamps lawfully in the possession of any person. No person shall sell or offer for sale any stamp issued under this chapter, except by written permission of the comptroller. The comptroller may prescribe rules and regulations concerning refunds, sales of stamps and redemption under the provisions of this chapter.
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