3-33-160  Requirements for uses of funds by any public transit authority.
   (a)   Any public transit authority that receives funds from Chicago Real Property Transfer Tax, as defined in this chapter, shall be required to offer rides at no expense to:
      (i)   any active military personnel in uniform and/ or displaying appropriate identification;
      (ii)   any veteran of the armed forces who either currently receives military disability payments or has ever received military disability payments from the federal or state government;
   (b)   It shall be unlawful for any individual to falsely impersonate any military personnel, active or retired.
   (c)   Violation – Penalty. Any public transit system who fails to provide free rides, pursuant to this section shall be ineligible for the funds collected pursuant to this chapter. Any individual who falsely impersonates any military personnel, active or retired, shall be subject to a $250 fine, per offense.
(Added Coun. J. 2-6-08, p. 19940, § 2)