3-8-170  War service.
   In the event a beneficiary shall have entered or hereafter shall enter the armed forces of the United States of America or its allies, or if in the judgment of the board of trustees any beneficiary shall be engaged in essential war activity requiring full time service which interferes with regular attendance at an accredited school, the right of such beneficiary with respect to attending school subsequent to attaining the age of 21 years (as allowed by Section 3-8-150), shall be preserved to and retained in such beneficiary for a period terminating six months from and after the date of his official separation or right to withdraw from such armed forces or war activity to the same effect as though such beneficiary had not attained age 21 years, but no part of the trust fund shall be segregated specifically for the use and benefit of such beneficiary. At the expiration of said six months' period, the balance remaining in the trust fund, if any, shall be used for the use and benefit of the said beneficiary and other remaining beneficiaries, in accordance with and subject to the other provisions of the code not in conflict with this section.
(Prior code § 22-16.1)