3-8-070  Deposit of awards.
   It shall be the duty of the board of trustees to see that all allowances of money to the family or dependents of any policeman or fireman killed or fatally injured while in the performance of his duty shall be deposited in a duly accredited national or state bank acting as trustee and having its principal office in the City of Chicago, as trustee of said money for conservation, investment as herein provided, and disbursement for the necessary support of such family or dependents and for the education of the children or dependent minor brothers and sisters of the deceased policeman or fireman. Said disbursement shall be in such amounts and at such times as the said trustee bank may deem to be to the best interests of such beneficiaries. Provided, that the provisions for the naming of any specific trustee bank by said board of trustees shall not be construed as affecting the carrying out of the other provisions of this chapter in case it shall be found desirable for any reason to designate another trustee bank. Any trustee bank named pursuant to this chapter may be removed as trustee at any time.
(Prior code § 22-7)