2-159-060  Covenants in deed – Termination of covenants.
   Any deed conveying a parcel to an adjacent neighbor pursuant to the provisions of ANLAP shall contain covenants which (1) prohibit the adjacent neighbor from conveying, assigning or otherwise transferring the city-owned parcel except in conjunction with the sale of the adjacent neighbor's parcel on which his primary residence is located; and (2) require that the city-owned parcel be improved with landscaped open space within six (6) months of the conveyance of such parcel, and prohibit the construction of any permanent improvements on the parcel, excluding only improvements made by the adjacent neighbor on the parcel that constitute an integrated addition to the adjacent neighbor's primary residence, or a garage appurtenant thereto, and (3) require the adjacent neighbor to maintain the city-owned parcel in accordance with the provisions of the Municipal Code of Chicago. For purposes of this Section, the term “landscaped” shall mean the planting and maintenance of lawn grass, or cultivated ornamental shrubs, plants or trees, or a combination thereof. The covenants shall terminate ten (10) years after the date of the conveyance of the city-owned parcel to the adjacent neighbor.
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