2-156-445  Limitation of contributing to candidates and elected officials.
   (a)   No person who has done business with the City, or with the Chicago Transit Authority, Chicago Board of Education, Chicago Park District, Chicago City Colleges, or Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority within the preceding four reporting years or is seeking to do business with the City, or with any of the other aforementioned entities, no lobbyist registered with the Board of Ethics shall make contributions in an aggregate amount exceeding $1,500.00: (i) to any candidate for City office during a single candidacy; or (ii) to an elected official of the government of the City during any reporting year of his term; or (iii) to any official or employee of the City who is seeking election to any other office. For purposes of this section all contributions to a candidate’s authorized political committees shall be considered contributions to the candidate. A reporting year shall be from January 1st to December 31st. For purposes of this subsection only “seeking to do business” means: (i) the definition set forth in Section 2-156-010(x); and (ii) any matter that was pending before the City Council or any City Council Committee in the six months prior to the date of the contribution or any matter that will be pending before the City Council or any City Council Committee in the six months after the date of the contribution, if that matter involved the award of loan funds, grant funds or bond proceeds, bond inducement ordinances, leases, land sales, zoning matters, the creation of tax increment financing districts, concession agreements or the establishment of a Class 6(b) Cook County property tax classification.
   (b)   For purposes of subsection (a) above, an entity and its subsidiaries, parent company or otherwise affiliated companies, and any of their employees, officers, directors and partners who make a political contribution for which they are reimbursed by the entity or its affiliates shall be considered a single person. However, nothing in this provision shall be construed to prohibit such an employee, officer, director or partner from making a political contribution for which he is not reimbursed by a person with whom he or she is affiliated, even if that person has made the maximum contribution allowed under subsection (a).
   (c)   For purposes of subsection (a) above, a contribution to (i) any political fundraising committee of a candidate for city office or elected official; or (ii) any political fundraising committee which, during the reporting year in which the contribution is to be made, has itself made contributions or given financial support in excess of 50 percent of that committee's total receipts for the reporting year to a particular candidate for city office, elected official, or the authorized fundraising committee of that candidate or elected official, shall be considered a contribution to that candidate or elected official.
   (d)   Any person who solicits, accepts, offers or makes a financial contribution that violates the limits set forth in this section shall be subject to the penalty provided in Article VII of this Chapter; provided, however, such person shall not be deemed in violation of this section if such person returns or requests in writing the return of such financial contribution within 10 calendar days of the recipient's or contributor's knowledge of the violation.
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