2-156-250  Reports of lobbying activities.
   No later than January 20th, April 20th, July 20th and October 20th of each year, each registrant shall file with the board of ethics a written report of lobbying activities during the previous three calendar months. The report shall be on a form prescribed by the board, which may include electronic submission, and shall contain:
   (a)   The registrant's name, permanent address, and temporary address (if any) while lobbying;
   (b)   With respect to each client:
      (i)   The name, business and permanent address and nature of business of the client and of any other business entities on whose behalf lobbying was performed;
      (ii)   A statement of the amount of compensation received from each client;
      (iii)   The name of each city agency before which the registrant lobbied and a brief description of the legislation or administrative action involved;
   (c)   The total amount of expenditures, outside his own business entity, for lobbying in each of the following categories:
      (i)   Office expenses;
      (ii)   Public education, advertising and publications;
      (iii)   Compensation to others;
      (iv)   Personal sustenance, lodging and travel;
      (v)   Other expenses; provided, however, that each expenditure of $250.00 or more shall also be itemized by the date of the expenditure, the amount, purpose and beneficiary of the expenditure, the name, address and nature of business of the recipient, and the legislative or administrative action, if any, in connection with which said expenditure was made;
   (d)   An itemized list of every gift given to any official or employee of the city; and
   (e)   An itemized list of every political contribution made to any of the following persons: (1) any candidate for city office; (2) any elected official of the government of the city; and (3) any official or employee of the city seeking election to an office other than a city office.
   (f)   Upon receipt of the quarterly report required under subsection (a) of this section, the board of ethics shall, without delay, post such report on the on-line system required under subsection (m) of Section 2-156-380.
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