2-156-150  Statements of financial interest.
   (a)   For purposes of this article, the following persons shall be referred to as “reporting individuals”:
      (i)   Each elected official;
      (ii)   Each alderman;
      (iii)   Each appointed official, except a member of an agency that is solely advisory in nature and has no authority to make binding decisions, to enter into contracts or to make expenditures, other than expenditures necessarily incurred for research in connection with its advisory functions;
      (iv)   Each mayor's office employee who is not solely clerical;
      (v)   Each city council employee who is not solely clerical;
      (vi)   Each department head;
      (vii)   Each person who qualifies as candidate for city office; and
      (viii)   Each employee listed by the board as a reporting employee as provided in subsection (b).
   (b)   The board shall create, maintain, and update a list of reporting employees and officials. In creating or updating such list, the board, in consultation with the Department of Human Resources, shall first develop a list of relevant factors, such as the employee's contract management authority and the employee's likelihood of being involved in conflicts of interest issues.
   (c)   Except as otherwise provided in subsection (d), each reporting individual shall file, within 30 days of becoming a reporting individual and not later than May 1st of each year thereafter, a verified written statement of financial interests in accordance with the provisions of this article, unless he has already filed a statement in that calendar year.
   (d)   Statements of financial interests shall also be filed by the following:
      (i)   An elected official at the time of filing his oath of office;
      (ii)   A person whose appointment to office is subject to confirmation by the city council at the time when his name is submitted to the council for consideration;
      (iii)   A person who qualifies as a candidate for city office within five days after qualifying as a candidate for city office;
      (iv)   Any other person at the time he becomes a reporting individual, including city employees who become reporting individuals because they are newly hired or are receiving a pay increase, or a job or title change.
   (e)   The department of human resources, the comptroller's office and the office of the mayor shall cooperate with the board of ethics in notifying persons listed in subdivisions (ii) and (iii) of subsection (d) of this section of their obligation to file statements of financial interests and in effecting the filing of such statements.
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