1-8-030 Municipal flag – Design requirements.
   The municipal flag shall be white, with two blue bars, each taking up a sixth of its space, and set a little less than one-sixth of the way from the top and bottom of the flag, respectively. There shall be four bright red stars with sharp points, six in number, set side by side, close together, next to the staff in the middle third of the surface of the flag. The said red stars on the municipal flag shall be designated from the hoist outwards as follows:
   Fort Dearborn;
   The Great Chicago Fire of October 8 – 10, 1871;
   The World's Columbian Exposition of 1893;
   The Century of Progress of 1933.
   The proportions of the municipal flag and standard shall be preferably two in height to three in breadth, or three in height to five in breadth, in banners to be borne by hand, and as one to two in flags to be flown from masts and staffs, or in any of the dimensions officially prescribed for the national ensign by the government of the United States. When suspended from windows or over a street, the municipal flag may be pointed or notched. The municipal standard shall be made of silk, and be fringed with gold.
(Prior code § 2-3)