1-8-010 Corporate seal authorized – Description.
   The seal provided and authorized for the city shall be an obverse side with a diameter of two and three- eighths inches, the impression of which is a representation of a shield (American) gules, argent and azure (in red, white, and blue); with a sheaf of wheat in fess-point (center), or (in gold); a ship in full sail on dexter (as right side supporter) proper; on top an infant proper, in a shell argent (in silver); an Indian chief with a bow and arrow proper, on sinister (as left side supporter) standing on a promontory, vert (in green); with the motto, "Urbs in Horto", or, on scroll, gules (in gold on red flowing ribbon) at bottom of the shield; with the inscription, "CITY OF CHICAGO; INCORPORATED 4TH MARCH, 1837", or (in gold), within an azure (blue) ring around the outer edge of said seal, which seal represented as aforesaid and used with or without colors shall be and is hereby corrected, established, declared to have been, and now to be, the seal of the city. For general use, the plain impression in white containing the figures as given above, as shown herewith, shall be sufficient.
(Prior code § 2-1)