15-4-830  Duties.
   It shall be the duty of the desk clerk daily to see that all exit doors are unfastened and unobstructed and that the corridors and fire escapes are kept clear and free of all obstructions; that all fire appliances in the rooms and throughout the premises are in proper place and in good working order. In the event of a fire, it shall be the desk clerk's duty to first notify the Chicago Fire Department of said fire immediately, and, thereafter, to spread the alarm to all occupants of the premises. The desk clerk shall obey and perform such other duties as may be prescribed by rules and regulations adopted, from time to time, by the fire commissioner.
   Such desk clerk may, at the discretion of the owner or manager of the premises wherein he is employed, perform other duties during his hours of employment, provided the additional duties are not inconsistent with the duties herein set forth.
(Prior code § 90-81; Amend Coun. J. 5-18-16, p. 24131, § 106)