8-20-280  Reporting of destruction, transfer, loss or theft of firearms.
   (a)   Every person who possesses a firearm within the city shall, in a manner prescribed by the superintendent:
      (1)   notify the department of the destruction, loss or theft of the firearm within 48 hours of when the person knows, or should have known, of such destruction, loss or theft; or
      (2)   notify the department of the sale, transfer, inheritance or other disposition of the firearm within 48 hours of such disposition.
   (b)   Compliance with this section shall be in addition to any other reporting requirements required by any local, state or federal law or regulation pertaining to lost, stolen, sold or otherwise transferred firearms.
(Added Coun. J. 2-13-13, p. 46844, § 1)
Editor's note– Coun. J. 7-6-11, p. 3073, § 4, repealed a former § 8-20-280, which prohibited shooting galleries and target ranges.