7-50-010  Definitions.
   For the purposes of this chapter, when any of the following words or terms are used herein they shall have the meaning or construction ascribed to them in this section:
   “Board” means the Chicago Emergency Telephone System Board created by chapter 3-64 of this Code.
   “Comptroller” means the comptroller of the City of Chicago.
   “Department” means the department of finance of the City of Chicago.
   “Director” or “director of revenue” means the director of revenue of the City of Chicago.
   “Emergency telephone system” means the telecommunications system established by the City of Chicago pursuant to chapter 3-64 of this Code to respond to emergency telecommunications.
   “Prepaid wireless telecommunications service” means a wireless telecommunications service that allows a caller to dial 9-1-1 to access the 9-1-1 system, which service must be paid for in advance and is sold in predetermined units or dollars of which the amount declines with use in a known amount.
   “Service address” means the customer's place of primary use as defined in the Mobile Telecommunications Sourcing Conformity Act, Public Law 106-252, as amended from time to time, which as of August 1, 2002 provides that the “place of primary use” means the street address representative of where the customer's use of the mobile telecommunications service primarily occurs, and which further provides that this means the residential street address or the primary business street address of the customer within the licensed service area of the home service provider.
   “Wireless carrier” means a provider of two-way cellular, broadband PCS, geographic area 800 MHZ and 900 MHZ Commercial Radio Service (CMRS), Wireless Communications Service (WCS), or other Commercial Mobile Radio Service (CMRS), as defined by the Federal Communications Commission, offering radio communications that may provide fixed, mobile, radio location, or satellite communication services to individuals or businesses within its assigned spectrum block and geographical area or that offers real-time, two-way voice service that is interconnected with the public switched network, including a reseller of such service.
   “Wireless communications service” means a two- way voice radio-linked communications service which provides dial interconnection to a public switched network, including but not limited to cellular telephone service and personal communications service.
   Any other word or term not defined herein but defined in the Emergency Telephone System Act of the State of Illinois, codified at 50 ILCS 750/0.01, et seq., shall have the meaning ascribed to the word or term in that act.
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