5-13-110  Special relocation rights for daytime displacement.
   (a)   This section applies to temporary daytime displacement of Affected Tenants unable to access their units during the daytime but able to return to the unit outside of construction hours.
   (b)   The Responsible Party shall provide suitable alternate living quarters during daytime hours with kitchen access, meal stipend, or delivery service, comfortably furnished and with some form of diversion, such as television, available.
   (c)   The Responsible Party shall meet individually with each Affected Tenant to determine any needs related to that Affected Tenant’s health or a disability prior to daytime displacement, including ensuring dietary needs are met during the daytime displacement.
   (d)   Outside of construction hours, the Responsible Party shall ensure that the unit is clean, safe, free from construction debris, and otherwise suitable for habitation.
   (e)   Outside of construction hours, the relocation coordinator shall conduct routine inspections of the units under construction to ensure that each such unit is clean, safe, and free from construction debris. The coordinator shall be regularly available to address Affected Tenant grievances regarding construction.
(Added Coun. J. 1-23-19, p. 94266, § 1)