2-120-010  Commission established – Terms of members.
   There is hereby established a commission to be known as the “Commission on Animal Care and Control, City of Chicago”. Said Commission shall consist of nine members to be appointed by the Mayor, three of whom shall be members, respectively, of the Police Department, Health Department, and the Department of Streets and Sanitation; with the remaining six members to include at least one representative of a humane society as hereinafter defined, at least one veterinarian licensed under the laws of the State of Illinois, and at least three private citizens. All Commission members shall be residents of the City of Chicago and shall serve without compensation.
   The Commission shall function as an advisory body to the Mayor and to Chicago Animal Care and Control with regard to animal-related matters in the City of Chicago. The Mayor shall designate one of its members to act as chairman for a term of 12 months, subject to redesignation for any number of additional terms of two years. The Commission shall meet at least once every three months, unless otherwise determined by the Commission or when called upon to do so by the chairman.
   Each Commission member shall serve for a period of two years from date of appointment subject to reappointment by the Mayor for any number of additional terms of two years, except that four of the initial appointments as designated by the Mayor shall be for a term of only one year. Each Commission member shall serve until a successor has been appointed by the Mayor. The Mayor shall appoint members to fill vacancies which may occur due to death, resignation or incapacity.
(Added Coun. J. 11-16-16, p. 37901, Art. I, § 2)