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16-18-040  Fee formula.
   Open space impact fees shall be calculated based on the following formula:
   Fee = Open Space Need × Open Space Cost × Developer's Share where:
   Open Space Need = Number of Dwelling Units × Estimated Household Size × Minimum Open Space Standard (2 acres per 1,000 people); and
   Household Size is estimated to increase with the size of the dwelling unit as follows:
Size Of Unit
(Square Feet)
Household Size (Persons)
Less than 800
800 – 1,599
1,600 – 2,999
3,000 and up
   Open Space Cost = $12.00 per square foot; and
   Developer's Share = 30 percent, except units which qualify as “affordable housing” which shall be charged a flat nominal fee regardless of size.
   Affordable housing is defined as housing which is sold or rented at or below the maximum price or fair market rents established by the Chicago department of planning and development for the “City Lots for City Living” or “New Homes for Chicago” affordable housing programs. The above-stated maximum price or fair market rents may be modified by the department of planning and development from time to time.
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