(A)   The provisions of this chapter shall be administered and enforced by the Zoning Administrator or by such deputies of his or her department as the Zoning Administrator may delegate to enforce the provisions of this chapter. 
(`73 Code, 15.381, § 5.145)
   (B)   The Zoning Administrator shall have the power to grant zoning compliance permits, to make inspections of buildings or premises necessary to carry out his or her duties in the enforcement of this chapter. It shall be unlawful for the Zoning Administrator to approve any plans or issue any permits for any excavation or construction until he or she has inspected such plan in detail and found them to conform with this chapter.
   (C)   The Zoning Administrator and/or such other officers or departments as shall be designated by the Council, shall record in duplicate, one copy of which shall be filed with the City Clerk, all nonconforming uses of land existing at the effective date of the 1967 Zoning Ordinance for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of § 154.100.
   (D)   Under no circumstances is the Zoning Administrator permitted to make changes in this chapter nor to vary the terms of this chapter in carrying out his or her duties as Zoning Administrator.
   (E)   Zoning permit - revocation.
      (1)   Where conditions of the granting of a zoning permit have not been or are not being complied with, the Zoning Administrator may, following a hearing thereon, revoke or modify such zoning permit, except in those situations set forth in §§ 154.030(C), 154.060(C), 154.064(B)(7), 154.065(B)(6) and (7), 154.066(B)(13) and (14), 154.067(B)(12), 154.068(B)(13), 154.069(B)(6), 154.070(C)(9), 154.071(B)(6), and 154.072(B)(6), where the City Council may, following a hearing thereon, review or modify such format, and any such modification must be in accord with those sections and M.C.L. 125.3504.  Ten days’ written notice of such hearing shall be given to the permittee prior to the hearing.
      (2)   Appeals from such revocation or modification may be taken in the same manner as provided in § 154.159(C).
(`73 Code, 15.382, § 5.146)  (Ord. eff. 8-1-67; Am. Ord. passed 1973; Am. Ord. passed 1-10-06; Am. Ord. eff. 4-19-07; Am. Ord. eff. 6-6-08)