(A)   Intent. The B-4 General Commercial Districts are designed to accommodate those businesses which by their nature require large land areas and which generate automobile or truck traffic rather than pedestrians. 
(`73 Code, 15.171, § 5.58(1))
   (B)   Principal uses permitted. In B-4 Commercial Districts, no land or building shall be used and no building shall be erected except for one or more of the following uses, unless otherwise provided in this chapter:
      (1)   New and used car showrooms and garages;
      (2)   Governmental offices and other governmental uses; public utility exchange, transformer stations, pump stations, and service yards but not including outdoor storage;
      (3)   Florists and greenhouses;
      (4)   Private clubs, lodge halls and fraternal organizations;
      (5)   Pool and billiard parlors;
      (6)   Bowling alleys;
      (7)   Restaurants, or other places serving food or beverages, except those having the character of a drive-in;
      (8)   Theaters, assembly halls or similar places of assembly when conducted entirely within enclosed buildings;
      (9)   Tourist resident facilities including tourist cabins, motels and hotels;
      (10)    Boat sales and trailer sales and service facilities;
      (11)    Gift and/or souvenir shops when operated in conjunction with one or more of the above uses and in the same building therewith;
      (12)    Accessory buildings and uses customarily incident to any of the above permitted uses;
      (13)    Other uses of a character similar to the above uses, subject to recommendation, pro or con, of the Planning Commission and City Council approval.
(`73 Code, 15.172, § 5.58(2))
   (C)   Uses subject to special conditions. The following uses will be permitted subject to the conditions herein imposed for each use, in the B-4 District:
      (1)   Wholesale warehousing, including showrooms, with the approval of the Planning Commission and City Council, provided that delivery and shipping operation be restricted to the hours between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. and that outside storage be screened from the adjacent properties and the public thoroughfares by an obscuring metal fence or masonry wall at least six feet in height;
      (2)   Business in the character of a drive-in restaurant;
      (3)   Commercially used outdoor recreational space for children's amusement parks, carnivals, miniature golf courses, and rebound tumbling (trampoline) facilities;
      (4)   Outdoor sales space for exclusive sale of new or used automobiles or house trailers;
      (5)   Veterinary hospitals or clinics;
      (6)   Automobile service station for sale of gasoline, oil and minor accessories only and where no repair work is done other than incidental service;
      (7)   Automobile car wash.
(`73 Code, 15.173, §§ 5.58(3), 5.33(2), 5.33(3), 5.56(1), 5.56(5), 5.41(1), 5.56(7))
   (D)   Area, bulk and yard setback requirements.  All buildings and uses shall conform with the requirements of the T-1 Tourist Service District as delineated in §§ 154.085 and 154.086 “Schedule of Regulations,” limiting the height and bulk of buildings, the minimum size of lot required by land use, and providing minimum yard setback requirements. 
(`73 Code, 15.174, § 5.58(4))
(Ord. eff. 8-1-67; Am. Ord. passed 1973; Am. Ord. eff. 6-6-08)