(A)   Intent. The O-1 Office Building Districts are designed to accommodate various types of office uses which deal mainly in services and certain basic personal services intended to serve the O-1 Districts. These O-1 Districts typically serve as a transition between major thoroughfares and/or commercial districts and residential districts. 
(`73 Code, 15.191, § 5.61)
   (B)   Principal uses permitted. In the O-1 Office Building Districts no building or land shall be used and no building shall be erected except for one or more of the following uses, unless otherwise provided in this chapter:
      (1)   Office buildings for occupations such as: executive, administrative, professional, accounting, writing, clerical, stenographic, drafting, and sales;
      (2)   Medical and dental offices, including clinics;
      (3)   Banks, credit unions, savings and loan associations, and similar establishments;
      (4)   Publicly owned buildings, exchanges, and public utility offices, but not including storage yards, transformer stations, sub-stations, or gas regulator stations;
      (5)   All uses permitted and as regulated in One-Family Residential Districts;
      (6)   Other uses similar to the above uses, subject to recommendation, pro or con, of the Planning Commission and approval by the City Council;
      (7)   Accessory structures and uses customarily incidental to the above permitted uses.
(`73 Code, 15.192, § 5.62)
   (C)   Uses permitted subject to special conditions. The following uses shall be permitted, subject to the conditions hereinafter imposed and subject further to the review and approval of the Planning Commission:
      (1)   Any accessory use customarily related to a principal use authorized by this section such as, but not limited to: a pharmacy or apothecary shop; stores limited to corrective garments or bandages; or optical companies;
      (2)   Personal service establishments which perform personal services, on the premises, including tailor shops, laundry and dry cleaning establishments, watch repair and shoe repair, subject to the following conditions:
         (a)   Such personal service shall be intended to serve the convenience needs of persons working in the O-1 District;
         (b)   No assembly work or assembling of any kind shall be carried out on the premises.
(`73 Code, 15.193, § 5.63)
   (D)   Required conditions.
      (1)   No interior display shall be visible from the exterior of the building, and the total area devoted to display, including both the objects displayed and the floor space set aside for persons observing the displayed objects, shall not exceed 25% of the usable floor area of either the first or second story, or the basement.
      (2)   Planned developments involving three acres or more shall be subject to the review and approval of the Planning Commission.
      (3)   The outdoor storage of goods and materials shall be prohibited.
      (4)   Warehousing or indoor storage of goods or materials, beyond that normally incident to the above permitted uses, shall be prohibited.
(`73 Code, 15.194, § 5.64)
   (E)   Area and bulk requirements. See §§ 154.085 and 154.086 “Schedule of Regulations,” limiting the height and bulk of buildings, the minimum size of lot by permitted land use, and providing minimum yard setback requirements. 
(`73 Code, 15.195, § 5.65)
(Ord. eff. 8-1-67; Am. Ord. passed 1973; Am. Ord. passed 7-13-99; Am. Ord. eff. 6-6-08)