The following rules shall govern the Veterans Memorial and Veterans Memorial Commission:
   (A)   The Veterans Memorial is intended to honor veterans and veterans organizations through the placement of memorial bricks in the Memorial. Only veterans who served in the Armed Forces of the United States of America (including reserves and National Guard), and bona fide veterans organizations of the United States of America, will be allowed bricks in the Memorial. If there is a question as to the authenticity of a veterans organization, the Memorial Commission shall consult with the local American Legion and VFW Post before rendering a decision on eligibility.
   (B)   Each person or organization desiring a brick shall submit an application on a form designed by the Memorial Commission. The Memorial Commission shall determine the applicant’s eligibility with these rules, and shall accept or reject the application based thereon. If an application is accepted, the Memorial Commission will notify the applicant, and upon the applicant’s payment of $50, the Memorial Commission will order the brick.
   (C)   Each brick shall contain the name of the veterans organization or the name of the veteran. No ranks or insignia will be allowed in the Veterans Memorial, however, a brick may designate the veterans’ unit (e.g., 33rd Infantry Division) or ship (e.g., USS Dwight D. Eisenhower). If there is a question as to unit or ship, the Memorial Commission shall consult with the local American Legion and VFW Post before rendering a decision on eligibility.
   (D)   A veteran need not a resident of the village to qualify for the Veterans Memorial. The general policy is to be inclusive rather than exclusive for determining names on the Veteran’s Memorial. Only one name may appear on each brick; family bricks are not allowed. However, the Memorial Commission will make reasonable efforts to group family members and friends upon their request.
   (E)   To qualify for a brick, an individual must hold an honorable discharge or a discharge under honorable conditions. If an individual has served more than one enlistment or in more than one branch of service, then the Memorial Commission will consider the most recent discharge for purposes of this rule. If after a brick is ordered, an individual is discovered to have had a less than honorable discharge or has otherwise materially misrepresented his or her service in the application, the Memorial Commission may refuse to place the brick in the Memorial, and may remove any bricks already placed in the Memorial. There will be no refunds in such event.
   (F)   The Commission may add bricks to the Memorial at such times as it determines in its sole discretion. A minimum of 50 memorial bricks will be added at a time to the Memorial.
   (G)   Bricks will be of uniform size, design, color and engraving style. Arnold Monument has supplied all bricks prior to enactment of these rules; their bricks are acceptable.
   (H)   The Chatham American Legion and VFW Posts may, without further permission from the Memorial Commission, conduct joint Memorial Day services at the Veterans Memorial. Other bona fide veterans groups and individuals may conduct services at the Veterans Memorial on a first-come, first-serve basis by making application in advance to the Memorial Commission.
   (I)   Any person aggrieved by a decision of the Veterans Memorial Commission under these rules may appeal to the Village President, who shall conduct an informal hearing and render a decision within seven working days of receipt of the appeal.
(Ord. 01-45, passed 8-14-01)